Compared to the hundred years' history of SJTU, SIPA is a relatively new academic unit on campus. However, I believe SIPA as a social science school has a special place at SJTU and important role to play in carrying out the mission of SJTU since social sciences and humanities are traditionally the heart and soul of any renowned comprehensive university in the world. Even with its short history, SIPA has established itself as one of the top public administration and political science programs in the country. Since its founding in 2003 SIPA has always prided itself in excellence in teaching, research and service to society. We place special emphasis on fostering critical thinking and creativity in our research and training of undergraduate and graduate students. We believe that young people today have to be global citizens in their thinking since most of our challenges are global in nature. That is why we value extremely internationalization of our programs and curriculum.

We have one of the most dedicated and committed group of faculty members at our school and I feel truly honored to serve as the dean of SIPA. I look forward to seeing you at SIPA!

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School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 沪交ICP备20200069

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