1.Complete and submit an online application at Study@SJTU ( by the application deadline. If you wish to apply for the scholarship at the same time, please complete the application by the scholarship deadline.

2.The application fee is RMB 800 (approx. USD 120), non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment must be made in RMB or USD. You can choose online payment or bank transfer in the online application system.

3. It usually takes 10 working days for SIPA faculty members to evaluate your application materials as well as your interview performance.

4. Visit Study@SJTU ( for more information.


Oct 1, 2022   2023 application opens

Dec 15, 2022  Deadline for 1st Round scholarship application

Mar 31, 2023  Deadline for 2nd Round scholarship application

May 31, 2023  Deadline for self-supported application

Sept. 3, 2023   Enrollment


  • China's Politics and Economy Master's Program(CPE), taught in English: CNY 70,000/Year *2 years
  • Public Policy Master's Program (CPP),taught in English: CNY 70,000/Year *2 years
  • Public Administration Ph.D. Program: CNY45,500/Year *4 years
  • Politics Master Program,taught in Chinese: CNY 28,900/Year * 2.5 years
  • Public Administration Master Program,taught in Chinese: CNY 28,900/Year * 2.5 years
  • Housing: CNY 50-150/Day on-campus (refer to study@SJTU for more information

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