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Associate Professor

PhD supervisor

Master supervisor

Research Areas:

· Family and gender studies: online dating, emotional labour, reproductive behaviour, parenting

· Migration studies: migrants in the service sector

· Policy studies: talent polices, public housing policies

· Qualitative research

Contact details:
E-mail: shenyang0118@gmail.com
Address: Room 222 , Xin Jian Bldg, No. 1954 Hua Shan Road, Xujiahui, Shanghai 200030, P. R. C


Yang Shen got her PhD degree in Gender Studies at the London School of Economics. She is an associate Professor and a PhD supervisor in the School of International and Public Affairs at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Her research interests lie in feminist theories, intimate relationships, and migration studies. Her current research focuses on reproductive behaviour, housing and intimacy, online dating in China. Dr. Shen is also a script consultant and a freelancer writer for various media both in Chinese and in English.

Graduate institution:

London School of Economics 

Selected courses:

1. Qualitative research methods

2. Gender, Intimacy and Social Policy

3. Research Ethics and Thesis writing

Selected publications:  


1. Shen, Y. (2019).Beyond tears and laughter: gender, migration and the service sector in China, London: Palgrave McMillan.

2. 剧变中国,流动人生:性别、移民与中国的服务业 (contracted withSanhui Publishing House. Expected publishing year: 2021)


Peer-reviewed articles

1. Li, B. & Shen, Y.* (forthcoming). Publication or Pregnancy? Employment Contracts and Childbearing of Women Academics in China, Studies in Higher Education.(SSCI Q1)

2. Shen, Y. & Jiang, L. (2020). Labour Market Outcomes of Professional Women with Two Children After the One-Child Policy in China, Journal of Social Issues.Earlyview.(SSCI Q1)

3. Shen, Y. & Jiang, L. (2020). Reproductive choices of highly educated employed women with two children under the universal two-child policy, Journal of Family Issues, 41(5): 611-635.(SSCIQ2)

4. 沈洋,蒋莱(2018)提高生育率,需要政府和社会为女性提供育儿支持,城市治理研究,No. 3: 27-33.

5. Shen, Y. & Hu, Y. (2020). Emotional labour in a translocal context: rural migrant workers in China’s service sector, Social & Cultural Geography. Onlinefirst. (SSCIQ2)

6. Shen, Y. (2016). Filial Daughters? Agency and Subjectivity of Rural Migrant Women in Shanghai. The China Quarterly, vol. 226, pp. 519-537.    (SSCI Q1)

7. Wu, W., Shen, Y.*, Du, M., Hu, B. (2020). Non-familial coresidence and life satisfaction: Evidence from China, Habitat International. (SSCI Q1)

8. Shen, Y. & Li, B (2020) Policy coordination in the talent war to achieve economic upgrading: the case of four Chinese cities, Policy Studies.Online first. (SSCIQ3)

9. Shen, Y. (2015). Why Does the Government Fail to Improve the Living Conditions of Migrant Workers in Shanghai? Reflections on the Policies and the Implementations of Public Rental Housing under Neoliberalism. Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 2: 58–74. (SSCIQ2)


Book reviews

· Shen, Y. (2019). International migrants in China’s global city: the newShanghailanders. China Quarterly, no. 240, 1150-1151.

· Shen, Y. (2017). Masculinities in the Making: From the Local to the Global by James W. Messerschmidt. Gender & Society, 31(1), 138–140.

· Shen, Y. (2014). Gender, Modernity and Male Migrant Workers in China: Becoming a 'Modern' Man by Xiaodong Lin. China Quarterly, 219, 881-882.

Shen, Y. (2014). Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China by Leta Hong Fincher, LSE Review of Books.

Media experience:

·Column at the Sixth Tone: http://www.sixthtone.com/users/21466

·Regular contributor to Paper.cn and widely-subscribed academic media network such as ‘Intellectual’ and ‘Madam Muse’ in Chinese

·Interviewed by both international and local media including BBC, Paper.cn, Labour Daily and etc.

Address: 1954.Huashan Rd.Shanghai 200030,P.R.China

School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 沪交ICP备20200069

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