Dahai ZHAO

2020/1/7 16:58:24


Dahai Zhao


PhD supervisor

Master supervisor

Contact details:
E-mail: dahaizhao@sjtu.edu.cn

Address: Room 243, Xin Jian Bldg, No. 1954 Hua Shan Road, Xujiahui, Shanghai 200030, P. R. C


Dahai ZHAO is PhD supervisor of SJTU School of International and Public Affairs, and Executive Director of SJTU-Yale Joint Center for Health Policy. He is also the commentator at China Global Television Network (CGTN), Dragon TV, and Shanghai TV News Channel. He was a postdoctoral research at Stanford University (2010-2011), and a visiting associate professor at Yale University (2016-2017), and the Deputy Director of the Health Commission of Xuhui District in Shanghai (2018-2019). He was selected as the Chenguang Scholar (2010), the SMC-Chenxing Scholar (2016), and the Shuguang Scholar (2018). 

Graduate institution:


Selected publications:  

He chaired the National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund, the Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Plan and a number of other academic projects. He published 5 monographs, more than 30 papers in SSCI/SCI/CSSCI journals as an independent or the first author.

Address: 1954.Huashan Rd.Shanghai 200030,P.R.China

School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 沪交ICP备20200069

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