Winter Solstice Dumplings Cooking Party

2017/12/26 17:31:13

On December 22, the SJTU-School of International and Public Affairs, in cooperation with the SIPA-International Students Union, successfully hosted a Dumpling Making event for our graduate students. The participants included both local and international students from the 2016 and 2017 batches.

By combining it with the SIPA-ISU 2017 Christmas party, the participants enjoyed a memorable convergence of East and West in terms of both culture and communal practice. Specifically, the dumpling making activity, as a collective effort, was complemented by a Christmas gift exchange that embodied the spirit of sharing. Both can be considered as part of this school’s effort to buttress the sense of community among its students.  The student community is looking forward to similar and larger activities in the future.


Author: Anthony Lawrence Borja

Photo: Peiwen XIE

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