Intl. Students‘ Feedback on Study of CPP and National Congress

2017/11/15 17:36:22

On Nov. 9, international students of SIPA learned the Constitution of CPC (revised) and the full report of 18th and 19th National Congress of the CPC with the guidance from Dr. Yunpin LU at his graduate level English taught course: Public Organization and Administration.

Here are some students' feedabck on the study:

Alex Su-CCP: Really appreciate the opportunity to learn about Chinese government system. It has been fascinating to be part of this wonderful course.

-18th: it has been an eye opening experience to learn about the 18th Congress. The goal of the nation in the past years. Looking forward to learn about the 19th Congress

 Erkin-CCP: As it is one of the most important governing bodies of the world, it is wonderful to learn the intricacies of domestic Chinese politics.

-18th congress: It is definitely insightful to see how the outcomes of party congresses are aligned with the party rhetoric.

Tae Kim-19th Congress: I got to learn so much on the 19thcongress through SIPA. It was a wonderful opportunity to be emerged into starkly different field of academic in new environment! 

Matt-CCP: The CCP is a fine example of a stable regime for the 21st century

-18th Congress: The 18th Congress signifies a transition towards a true era of national rejuvenation

-19th Congress: in a time of intense global change, the 19th congress proves that China is model for domestic development resilient to international crisis

Kim JinKwang-CCP: The CCP is a is the founding and ruling political party of the People's Republic of China. Through thisPublic administrationclass,we could learn and understand about importance of CCP in China.

-18th Congress:It is theoretically the highest body within the Communist Party of China. And they elect central committee and CCDI of China.

-19th Congress:We should focus on 19th party congress to understand Chinese new era and Chinese characteristic.

 Andrea vereau-CCP:I am very grateful to Jiao Tong University to be able to study my master's degree here, and to study CCP every day, China is the main trading partner of Peru. Also, their investments -particularly in mining- are very important for the progress of our economy. This is why, the president of my country Pedro Pablo K. scheduled the visit to China as his first trip abroad.
The Communist Party of China (CPC) was preparing to achieve a major renovation that will include its main organs of power and its founding statute, within the framework of its XIX National Congress.

KhaoulaHoussini-CCP: Interesting presentation to discover the main organisms of the Communist Party and the requirements to become a member of the CCP.
Wendaoliu-CCP:it’s really useful reading the article in Chinese. I have a new understanding of the CCP.          

Ahmad Said-CCP: was very good experience to know more about CCP and its structure, i will be happy to get more knowledge about it
Daniel yom tov-CCP: it’s amazing to learn about the Chinese administrations system through this class... in a great university of Jiao tong shanghai... and the professor is great!
AleksandrZarnadze CCP: good experience, very interesting

Irina Stepicheva-CCP: It was interesting to know that the CPC is, officially, organized on the basis of democratic centralism, a principle conceived by Russian Marxist theoretician Vladimir Lenin which entails democratic and open discussion on policy on the condition of unity in upholding the agreed upon policies. And anyhow to compare and remember the policy of Russia.
ARVIJIKH BAT-AMGALAN-CCP: I think if anyone want to understand about China. This topic is the first thing you have to know.
Fanny –CCP: I'm glad I had the opportunity to study CCP in Jiao tong University, it helped me to understand better Chinesegovernment structure and functions, which I believe will be useful for my future career in China.
Faheenehsan-CCP: I really admire the management of CCP and it was great opportunity to learn whole constitution of China's only ruling body!
Khaoula Houssini-18th Congress: understanding the key points of the 18th National Congress was useful to acquire a knowledge about the economic and political achievements of China in these years and mostly to be then able to make a comparison with the 19th National Congress.
Gorata-18th congress: the leadership of Xi Jinping, plans to reform the economy introduced. I was enlightened to learn about the central committee,CCDI ,CPC and how they manage the nation of great population.
Irina Stepicheva-18th: It was interesting to know that at the 18th Congress of the ruling CCP announced that the Chinese economy is shifting to the concept of "effective development" of the Chinese economy. As well as to compare (after 5 years) with the 19th Congress how effective were those decisions.

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