First International Graduate Research Colloquium

2017/11/10 17:39:50

Last November 8, 2017 the SJTU-School of International and Public Affairs conducted its first Graduate Research Colloquium. This event was organized by the college through the SIPA-International Student Union represented by Mr. Asad Ullah who is its incumbent secretary and a current Ph.D. candidate in Public Management. 

The seminar was facilitated by Ms. Julia Teebken, a research fellow and Ph.D. candidate from the Free University of Berlin who discussed the basic points of research proposal writing before sharing her own experiences on conducting research in China. Though the activity enjoyed relative success, time constraints necessitates a series of workshops on basic social science research.

The student community is looking forward for future activities that will provide a space for students to further develop their research capabilities through cooperative and deliberative means.


Author: Anthony Lawrence Borja

Photo: Peiwen XIE, Asad Ullah

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