2017 International Student Orientation

2017/9/14 9:20:32

2017 International Student Orientation, School of International and Public Affairs

It is with great joy and anticipation that we welcome new international SIPA students. International student orientation marked the beginning of the membership of new students into the Shanghai Jiao Tong community. This year SIPA welcomes 86 international students out of which 8 are for doctorate program, 48 for masters program, 3 for dual degree program, 12 exchange students, 8 visiting students and 7 internship students. Party Secretary Prof. Youyi CAO, associate dean Prof. Bo PENG, Prof. Junhua ZHANG, Dr. Ping HUANG, Dr. Jiangqin DU presented at the orientation, which was hosted by Mrs. Jingjing PENG, international program's coordinator, SIPA.

At Shanghai Jiao Tong University, we believe that orientation is a process, not just an event.  The purpose of the student orientation was to help the students to make a smooth transition to the new life at Jiao Tong University. So it was designed as a half day series of highly structured program that covered numerous topics of concern to new students. The orientation provided an opportunity for new international students to learn about resources at the School of Public and International Affairs and Shanghai Jiao tong University, while connecting with current international students and hearing about their experiences in SIPA. During the orientation the students got an opportunity to meet with the assistant dean, members of SIPA faculty and other incoming students.

Academic year 2017-18 promises to be a year of opportunities at SJTU!

Let us begin this year with a tone of celebration. Wish all the new students a wonderful year!

(Article & Photo: Saba Feroz Qureshi)

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