We are happy to announce our first early graduates of 2015

2017/6/12 9:36:13

We are happy to announce our first early graduates of 2015!

Less than two years ago, these students arrived to Shanghai Jiaotong University full of dreams and looking forward to a very rewarding academic experience in one of the top universities of China.

They have worked assiduously for the past two years, and they have been very diligent when the time to write their thesis came. Their time management skills and constant efforts have allowed them to graduate at the end of their fourth semester.

Congratulations to Rishav, Saba, Vicky and Dor! (on the photo above, from left to right)

Since we know that writing a thesis may sound overwhelming and stressful for many, we have asked these four students to answer some questions regarding this issue. Below are some tips about thesis writing so kindly provided by our students:

1. What is the most important thing you learnt from doing research?

Being more confident and optimistic. Everything will be fine, if something goes wrong there's a solution.  Vicky

2. What is the most crucial aspect that helped you succeed in finishing early?

Time management and being consistent in writing .Propose your dissertation idea as early as possible.  Saba

 Keep going to the library everyday helped me to stay stimulated and it was refreshing to not spend all my days at home. – Vicky

3. Is there anything you did wrong along the way and you had to change?

Please focus on your research title. It should be very precise and accurate. Saba


4. Any tips for those who will have to write their thesis in the future?

Perseverance and being regular in the work are essential to succeed. Pay attention to all the feedbacks you get from different professors to improve your paper. Vicky

- Choose your supervisor carefully.

- Have a plan and stick to it.

- Don't stress yourself.

- Library resources, such as databases are useful not only for researching a known topic but also for developing one. You can use these resources to identify research trends and gaps in the research in particular disciplines.  Saba

Last night, after a photo shoot as recent graduates, all students from 2015 were invited to a dinner party at SIPA. The dean congratulated the students for their hard work and wished them good luck and a very bright future, whether they decide to stay in China, go back home or abroad. One of the students has already decided to stay and pursue a PhD in our school!


The rest of the students from the year 2015 are expected to graduate in September and December, while the grand ceremony for all the students in Jiaotong University will take place in March 2018. Thousands of students will attend the graduation ceremony in Minhang Campus, and it will be an unforgettable event in which many students will bring one or two family members to enjoy such an impressive celebration. Don’t forget to come back and celebrate it with us!

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