Meet our MPA students - Danielle (USA)

2016/12/16 9:55:25

This week it’s Danielle’s turn. Danielle Voorhies comes from the United States and has just started our part-time Master’s Degree in Public Administration, aimed at working professionals who would like to further their studies during their free time, without quitting their jobs.


- You were living and working in Shanghai before you started the master in our school. What made you feel like you needed to continue studying?

- After being in the workforce for quite some time, I realized how important it is to advance my education, while at the same time still gaining professional experience.


- Why was SJTU your choice at that moment?

- I chose to study at STJU because of the great reputation of the SIPA program and how diverse the program is. I enjoy studying in a very international environment with various world views that allow for very interesting class discussions. Plus, the amazing location of the Xuhui campus was also a deciding factor for me.


- How big is the workload? For somebody with a full-time job…

- It really is a lot of work. I have a lot of late nights and early mornings, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.


- In these few months, what is the most valuable knowledge you have gained inside the classroom?

- The most valuable knowledge I have gained is simply getting a better understanding of how things work in general in China. It has greatly helped during small-talk while in professional settings as well as with my husband's (Chinese) family.


- Has SJTU offered you any learning opportunities or activities other than the regular courses?

- Yes, STJU offers many different learning opportunities outside of regular courses, such as various guest speakers and even fun activities hosted by the International Office.


- Tell me how you think your career or future will change, thanks to learning here.

- Studying at STJU will better prepare me to work in an international context, especially in China. By having this experience I know more doors will open for me in the future. I have also grown personally and have a better understanding of myself and have been able to better define my long-term goals.


Danielle has kindly provided us with her e-mail address so that future students can contact her if they have questions about our MPA. Wonderful! Here it is:

Address: 1954.Huashan Rd.Shanghai 200030,P.R.China

School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 沪交ICP备20200069

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