The Official Launch of SJTU School of Emergency Management in Xuhui

2020/9/7 16:53:53

On the morning of September 2, the establishment of SJTU School of Emergency Management (SJTU SEM) and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between SJTU and Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau(SEMB) were held in SJTU Xuhui campus. Sha Hailin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, Zhao Qi, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Deputy Secretary General of the political and Legal Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the city operation management center, Ma Jianhong, director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Hua Keqin, deputy director and first-class inspector, Yang Zhenbin, Secretary of the Party committee of SJTU, Gu Feng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SJTU, Wu Dan, full-time deputy director of the University Affairs Committee, Hu Jin, acting dean of the SIPA, relevant staff from SJTU and SEMB attended the signing ceremony. Xue LAN, Dean of Su Shimin College of Tsinghua University and chairman of Academic Committee of SJTU SEM, attended the meeting online. The opening ceremony of the meeting was hosted by Gu Feng.


On behalf of SJTUy, Yang Zhenbin expressed his gratitude to Shanghai and all sectors of society for their support for the discipline construction of emergency management and development of SJTU. He pointed out that the construction of modern emergency management system needed both solid scientific theory and practical experience. As one of the first batch of "emergency management" secondary discipline construction and training pilot units, SJTU would jointly carry out emergency management personnel training work with SEMB, fully support the construction of emergency management discipline to build the school a brand and benchmark with first-class influence.


Zhao Qi congratulated the establishment of SJTU SEM. He pointed out that emergency management is an important part of the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. He hoped the school will integrate research forces in international relations, public security, emergency management and other fields to carry out high-quality teaching and high-level management practice, so as to cultivate more compound emergency management talents who can study and command well for Shanghai.


Ma Jian Hong said that the establishment of SJTU SEM was an important measure to implement general secretary Xi Jinping’s directive spirit of strengthening discipline management in emergency management, and also a pragmatic action to implement the decision making and deployment of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the emergency management department.


Speaking on the Internet, Xue LAN congratulated SEMB and SJTU on jointly exploring the discipline and system construction of emergency management. He said that emergency management was the main component of modernization of governance capacity. Strengthening the construction of emergency management system and improving the ability to effectively cope with risks and challenges is the key to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.


Fan Bo, SIPA associate dean and executive director of SJTU SEM, introduced SJTU SEM from the aspects of construction background, capacity base, construction goal orientation, organizational framework and annual work plan.


Witnessed by Sha Hailin, Yang Zhenbin, Zhao Qi, Ma Jianhong, Wu Dan, Hu Jin and other leaders, Gu Feng and Hua Keqin signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement between SJTU and SEMB on behalf of both sides.