PUM6303 Chinese NGO/NPO Management

2020/10/9 10:13:52


Charity and philanthropy have been developed for many years all around the world. The purpose for doing this is to try solving the problems in our society. Third-sector becomes the true and support first- and second-sectors to maintain social harmony. However, this is not an easy job to solve all the problems which are made by first- and second-sectors. Therefore, United Nations has announced the “Sustainable Development Goals”. The modern charity and philanthropy has been improved in China for not over 2 decades.  Many questions come from all around the world to challenge Chinese NGO-NPO development. However, the data show us that Chinese NGO-NPOs are growing up fast and become a key play of the “national governance” policy. How do we understand the patterns and context of the Chinese NGO-NPO? This course will become the first international course for introducing Chinese NGO-NPO system, structure, policy, law, current situations, and future development in the entire nation at master degree level. Students will not only be able learn the knowledge and information about the Chinese NGO-NPO from the past to present, but also experience how they works in today situation through comparison study and field trip learning.

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