student exchanges with NUS in AY2021/22 Semester 1

2021/3/1 10:49:41

Important Deadlines & Updates for the Student Exchange Programme

Nominations due:
5 Mar 2021

Application portal opens:
21 Mar 2021

Please note students will not be able to access the portal prior to 21 Mar 2021.

Application portal closes:
15 Apr 2021

For more information on the application process, please refer here<>.
Applications are due 15 Apr 2021 (23:59 Singapore Standard Time).

Immigration & Insurance
Stricter border control measures are expected to be in place in fall 2021 and additional immigration processes could be required. NUS is keeping a close eye on the latest advice from immigration authorities and any possible impact on students' ability to secure a Student's Pass (Visa). In the event border control measures prevent students from entering Singapore, we will let partners know as soon as possible. Given the uncertainties associated with international travel, we ask nominated students not to make travel or housing arrangements for their exchange until they receive their offer letter from NUS (mid-June 2021).

Exchange students are covered under the NUS Medical Insurance Scheme<>. For more info regarding COVID-related coverage, please click here<>. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase supplementary travel insurance to ensure they are adequately covered during their time abroad.

Available Modules (Courses)
For the latest list of modules open to exchange students, please click here<>. Modules for AY2021/22 Semester 1 will be posted in mid-March 2021. Course restrictions can be found here<>.

NUS Timetable Builder, which includes course descriptions, can be found here:

Please note some modules could be conducted online in Semester 1. Such courses will be noted as "E-learning" in the NUS Timetable Builder above.

We anticipate a number of deferrals from 2020/21 thus higher than usual demand for modules. Students are encouraged to be very flexible with their course requirements and to have plenty of back-up options in the event of oversubscribed modules or timetable clashes.

NUS is unable to offer virtual exchange options in AY2021/22.

On-campus Housing
Students will apply for housing after they have been accepted into the programme. More information on how and when to apply for housing will be included in acceptance letters (released in mid-June 2021).

Students may need to self-isolate for up to 14 days upon arrival in Singapore. Student should take this into account when making travel and housing plans. More information regarding arrival procedures will be included in acceptance letters.
Additional Resources for Students and Partners

NUS Info Sheet (updated!)
Please find the latest NUS Info Sheet here<>. This contains important information on module restrictions, application procedures, required supporting documents, deadlines, visa applications, etc.  We encourage you to share the link with your nominated students or refer them to our website<>.
Latest COVID-19 Updates

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