“Embracing Openness and Cooperation for Mutual Benefit” 2022 Global Cities Forum held in Shanghai

2022/11/29 9:16:56

Under the title “Embracing openness and cooperation for mutual benefit”, the 2022 Global Cities Forum was held in Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai on November 2, serving as one of the theme events of “2022 World Cities Day Global Observance and 2nd SDG Cities Global Conference”.

The forum was co-organized by The Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Shanghai Municipal Administrative Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, UN-Habitat and the World Bank, and organized by China Institute for Urban Governance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of International and Public Affairs of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai World Cities Day Affairs Coordination Center. More than 200 guests from the academic, political and business sectors from China, the United States, France, Sweden, Slovakia and Korea participated in the forum through a combination of online and offline approaches.

“Being the host of the Global Cities Forum, we expect to introduce the latest theories, practice and global experience on city governance to China and Shanghai,” said Yang Zhenbin, Party secretary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Yang said that China Institute for Urban Governance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is an open platform maintaining close contact with the relevant committees in Shanghai. It opens up the “last mile” from advanced academic research to governmental decision-making consultation, and many policy recommendations have produced good economic and social values. He hoped the platform would share Chinese experience with cities across the world.

“This is the ninth year the Global Cities Forum was held in Shanghai. In the past nine years, the forum has become an event for promoting communication and dialogue between global cities, and discussions were carried out on key topics related to cities' economy, society, culture, environment and governance,” said Wang Weiren, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Municipal Government. The event has contributed wisdom for solving problems emerging in cities' development, as well as raising city governance standards, Wang added.

The forum released the book Fine as Embroidery - Jiading Practice of Urban Governance. The book was prepared by the China Institute for Urban Governance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in cooperation with Jiading District, showing the new practices and explorations of Jiading District in fine governance and new city construction in the form of cases, contributing Jiading experience and Jiading wisdom to the modernization of China's mega-city governance.

Wu Jiannan, Executive Vice President of the China Institute for Urban Governance, Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs, and President of the Asian Society for Public Administration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, delivered a speech titled “Contributing to High-Quality Urban Development with High-Level Openness”. Starting from the assessment practice based on the five development concepts, he pointed out the realistic contribution of openness to the high-quality development of cities. He proposed that the high level of openness under the new development pattern needs to take cities as the focus point, build hub cities to enhance the quality and level of circulation of the international grand cycle, form embracing city clusters to strengthen the endogenous power and reliability of the domestic grand cycle, and look forward to the possible paths for global cities to further strengthen cooperation.

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