Huirong CHEN

2020/1/7 14:34:56


Huirong CHEN

Associate Professor

PhD/Master supervisor

Research Areas:
Chinese politics, authoritarian politics, political economy

Contact details:
Address: Room 247, Xin Jian Bldg, No. 1954 Hua Shan Road, Xujiahui, Shanghai 200030, P. R. C


Huirong Chen is an Associate Professor in the School of International and Public Affair at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Hong Kong, M.A. in political economy from the School of Government at Peking University, and B.A. in political science from Zhou Enlai School of Government at Nankai University. He had served as a civil servant at the General Office of Chinese Communist Party Shanghai Municipal Committee from 2006 to 2007. He was a China Public Policy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School (2015-2017). He is working on a book manuscript on the political economy of China’s land tenure.

Graduate institution:

University of Hong Kong 

Selected courses:

Political Economy of China’s Development; Local Governance and Grassroots Politics in China

Selected publications:  

 Chen, Huirong. 2015. “State Power and Village Cadres in Contemporary China: The Case of Rural Land Transfer in Shandong Province.” Journal of Contemporary China 24 (95): 778-797.    
• Chen, Huirong. 2019. “Institutional credibility and informal institutions.” Cities, online:
• Chen, Huirong (with Han Zhang and Jishu Wang). Meritocracy in Village Elections: The “Separation of Election and Employment” Scheme in Rural China, Journal of Contemporary China 28 (119): 779-794.
• Chen, Huirong. “The Myth of Authoritarian Institutions: The Conversion of China’s Petition System”, China: An International Journal, Forthcoming.
• Chen, Huirong, and Changdong Zhang. 2013. “Making Capitalism in Rural China.” (Book Review) Journal of Peasant Studies 40 (2): 606-609.
• Blanchard, Jean-Marc, and Huirong Chen. 2015. “China’s Urban Billions” (Book Review)”. Journal of Chinese Political Science 20 (4): 479-481.

Expertise & public engagement: